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Monday, 28 September 2009

Workshop: Architecture in Motion

My Video is about the interaction of human activity with the Ground floor display area in Red Centre.

The back ground is static and unchanged and only the red human figures within the scene are moving.

The reason for this is that I think architecture is only making sense when there is human activity going on in it.

A cave is to shelter from rain and gust; a museum is to view beautiful artworks; a house is to provide comfort after a whole day of hard work...etc

An architecture without humanity is just an empty boring space with no soul.

This is also the reason why I colour the human figures with red instead of just black and white.

To reinforce the idea that human activities make the architecture colourful.

First Draft

Final Animation:

Monday, 22 June 2009

All the interviews I have mentioned in the explanations...

Just in case they do not sound like I made them up, here are all the interviews that I have mentioned quotes from in my explanations for concept and the environment....,9171,1594161,00.html
Miuccia's Material World
Thursday, Mar. 01, 2007

"...What's next? "I'm completely into innovation," she says. "I don't even want to see anything unless it looks completely new."..."
The other side of Mrs P
By Tina Gaudoin
From Times Online September 23, 2006

"...“You know,” she says, “in this company, they are terrified I will do a collection that will not sell. They sometimes suspect that I want to do an ‘unsellable’ collection – and it’s true. But I don’t do it,” she says, stirring the remains of her coffee faster and faster. “For me, the terror is not the press, it is what people in the company think. I don’t want them to say I have ruined it, but you know, I have an instinct, I know what I can and I can’t do. To move a brand on you have to do something new and always take risks.” ..."

"...There are no sketchbooks or scissors in her office because, as Mrs P has made widely known, she does not sketch or pattern cut; in fact, she has had no formal training at all. Instead, her design team, run by Fabio Zambernardi, translates the vision. She says the most difficult thing is to divine the title of the collection. “I have so many ideas, I get fascinated by something, but I must be careful that it’s not too personal. Once I have the title, I have the theoretical direction and it’s easier.” Sometimes a collection can emerge from an idea of four or even five seasons before: “The idea for my next collection, for example, is easily four seasons old. I saw it then, but I didn’t focus enough. Maybe other ideas were more important at the time.”..."

"... “The pressure is not from the outside, I pressurise myself – it’s a constant search for something new.”...";col1
Cover Story: The feeling is Miuccia Independent
by Susannah Frankel
The (London) , Feb 21, 2004

"....But what might we expect of Miuccia Prada? A former member of the Communist Party and graduate in political science, she is branded an "intellectual" designer. A modern art collector and creator of the ubiquitous black-nylon backpack, her media incarnation is anything but footloose and fancy-free. Miuccia Prada famously avoids the party circuit, preferring instead to spend time out with an intimate circle of family and friends. And while other designers bask in the glory of the biannual ovation that meets their collections, stepping out onto the runway surrounded by fawning models and armfuls of flowers, Miuccia Prada barely deigns to appear, peeping out for a second before disappearing again in the blink of an eye...."

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Additional furnitures

Prada and Madonna's stereo system...

Draft for coffee table

Final coffee table

Elevator for Madonna's Space

Larger images...

Prada's space's elevators...